Thursday, 31 August 2017

KS2 VA Calculator 2017

Updated basic version of KS2 VA calculator can be downloaded here.

and new version with pupil groups tables (progress and average scores) can be downloaded here

Please download before use (ie don't attempt to edit the online version). You should see 3 dots top right of screen - click on these to download to your desktop. Recommend reading the notes page first and also worth reading the primary accountability guidance for more information about nominal scores, p-scales and pre-key stage pupils. Quite a bit more complicated this year with more prior attainment groups (24 instead of 21), closing of the loophole (pupils not scoring on test receive a score of 79), and nominal scores assigned to individual p-scales (rather than blanket score of 70 assigned to BLW).

Which, in my opinion, means this year's progress data is not comparable with last year's, but hey ho.....


and let me know asap if you find any errors


  1. thx Jamie. As always, much appreciated

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  3. To the person who left comment earlier, please get in touch if still having issues. Hopefully can help solve it.

  4. Is there a way of looking at PP VA?

  5. Latest version has a pupil groups breakdown (make sure you choose the right link in the blog post)